Business Consulting

Business consulting analyzes the application scenarios of the industries to help customers plan their business development directions and select proper system architecture and technology. Allvy Software Solutions supports businesses across the country with a range of do-it-yourself resources, professional advice, support, expert information. Allvy business consultants will develop an effective change management program that will provide a smooth transition, minimizing organization down time.

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Enterprise Application Services

Enterprise applications are a core component of your IT foundation and help organizations bring about business transformation across the enterprise. Our teams of solution architects and domain experts are supported by a variety of proprietary frameworks and tools that significantly speed time-to-market for our solutions and drive substantial cost savings. Integrating and aligning them with your business processes are necessary to building an efficient and adaptable IT foundation.

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Enterprise Mobile Applications

As businesses are driven to adopt Mobility, there is an associated stress on business and IT to keep up with the evolving Mobile technology and the supporting infrastructure requirements. Mobile technology has affected virtually all aspects of human life, from governments to public and private enterprises to friends and families. Because of its pervasive presence in our day-to-day lives, mobile applications have become a powerful tool for business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications.

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Why choose Allvy

The Allvy team is comprised of highly qualified and talented professionals with diverse backgrounds converging into a powerful mix for providing valuable web presence solutions. They are all out to offer unparalleled service to our customers and to satisfy their needs. Every request you may have will be considered and fulfilled, if reasonable.

Our Relationships

Throughout the years, we have developed great long-term relationships with many of our clients. In fact, several of our very first clients are still our clients to this day. We are humbled and honored by this and work to create that kind of trust with each of our clients. We want to be a partner in the long-term growth and success of your business.

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Client Testimonials

  • We've found a network of skilled professionals who have all enhanced our understanding of the best ways to move people around the world.

    Sri. M.V.Seshagiri Babu, I.A.S, at APEPDCL
  • We are proud to be associated with the Allvy its very purpose-driven and dedicated members."

    Satishwar.B IFL

Services Offered


Analytics is act on real-time insights to transform your business. Organizations that adopt a full range of analytics capabilities can discover what is happening determine why it is happening, predict what is likely to happen and prescribe the best action to take.

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SRM Services

Social Relationship Management (SRM) enables organizations to socially enable the way they do business — without the cost and complexity of social silos. It's a strategy to be more engaging and responsive at scale, listen, and respond at the speed of social, with a consistency and transparency customers will value.

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Supply Chain Management

Specialized Supply Chain Management Solutions, Applications, Planning & Implementation for all Industry Verticals.Today’s supply chains operate in an era of a 'new normal,’ characterized by unprecedented volatility, uncertainty and complexity. These are a result of changing macroeconomic, geo-political, and climatic conditions, and growth in product and service personalization levels.

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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team is dedicated to only one mission: meet the exact standards in terms of service, quality and consistency. Because of the importance of the quality assurance department, it takes the center role of structure in our enterprise. To maintain our high quality standards, we leverage the vast knowledge base of our 100% certified QC professionals and follow strict quality assurance methodologies and process for the utmost consistency. Allvy helps its customers develop a robust quality system by providing quality assurance services through quality consultants for all kinds of projects .

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